Sandro Magister, ehkä arvovaltaisin vatikanisti – tiedollisesti -, on kirjoittanut ilmeisesti omassa blogissaan seuraavaa:

From L’Espresso’s Vaticanist Sandro Magister, who has at last written a piece on the imbroglio of the papal project for the recognition of the Traditional rites of the Latin Church:

Benedict XVI wants to heal this schism – which is, in effect, more doctrinal than liturgical – but he also wants to grant, beginning immediately, the innocent desire of those priests and faithful who are fond of the Latin Mass in the ancient rite. He therefore has it in mind to facilitate the use of the Tridentine missal, in particular by removing the obligation to obtain permission from the local bishop.

It is thus foreseeable that Benedict XVI will take a little more time, will listen to the objections from some bishops and cardinals, but in the end – probably by winter – will issue the Motu Proprio that will facilitate the use of the Tridentine rite.