nyt tuntuu kuitenkin kaikkiin vihjeisiin perustuen todennäköiseltä. Rorate Coeli kirjoitti näin.

CITTÀ DEL VATICANO – Benedict XVI ”frees” the Tridentine Mass, the so-called ”Latin” Mass loved –though not exclusively – by the followers of monsignor Lefebvre and, for this [reason], opposed by the ”Progressives” of the Church. The ”motu proprio” of the Pope, which should be published between the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25) and Easter, is ready.

The text is fully armored [blindatissimo]; but, according to indiscretions by excellent sources, should overrule the current situation.Currently, the Bishops have the power, also thanks to an extenuating bureaucracy, to make the celebration of the old Mass extremely difficult. With the motu proprio, their role should change: not arbiters anymore, but supervisors [controllori]. And, as a matter of fact, a sly Curial fox remarks, Bishop, ”episkopos”, means in Greek exactly that: supervisor.